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Since 2010, TryMyUI has been providing a high-performance, affordable and accessible way to do usability testing. Our platform was designed to help anyone with a website or app get quick product feedback and analyze it alongside their team to figure out how to design better user experiences.

Check out these reviews from the UX designers, usability researchers, and product managers who use our testing software to see what they love about TryMyUI.

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TryMyUI review by Jeffrey Kuo

Jeffrey Kuo  |  Lead Product Designer, Luxottica

“When I make design recommendations, having data from TryMyUI allows me to ground them with hard evidence. It makes my points a lot more solid – I'm able to say, ‘4 out of 5 people struggled here, 5 out of 7 people couldn’t do this.’ With TryMyUI, I get the ammo I need to defend my design decisions.”

TryMyUI review by Jordan Becker

Jordan Becker  |  Usability Specialist, Gallup

“Video feedback is the best. There’s nothing more impactful than showing a video clip to stakeholders. It makes everything click. They really see that it’s real people and real problems that we’re dealing with.”

What's the most valuable thing about TryMyUI?

“The fact that you can set everything up and run the test in a matter of hours with TryMyUI keeps things really agile. It’s a tremendous help. And our stakeholders know that we have this tool at our disposal at any time and can constantly get user feedback. That’s really reassuring.”

TryMyUI review by Erik Koto

Erik Koto  |  CEO, QuestionPro

“We had frequent user confusion with onboarding on our website, but thanks to TryMyUI we took quick steps to adjust our designs and improve the customer experience.”

TryMyUI review by Cake&Arrow

Cake & Arrow  |  Customer experience-focused digital agency

“As UX designers, striking a balance between rigor and agility is critical. Tools like make it possible.”

“When evaluating design decisions, having access to lean, quality testing tools that help us conduct quality research quickly and with rigor is everything. TryMyUI’s ease of use, robust quantitative data, and flexibility have won it a definite spot in our toolkit.”

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TryMyUI review by Mary Shamburger

Mary Shamburger  |  Web Designer, Douglass Media Group

“[Our TryMyUI tests] were great! We got awesome results along with some unexpected insight.”

TryMyUI review by Parag Vaish

Parag Vaish  |  Director of Mobile Product Management, StubHub

“I love TryMyUI! It helped us identify our usability issues in less than a day. Use it and you WILL find something to fix on your app.”

TryMyUI review by Madeline Frechette

Madeline Frechette  |  UX Designer, IdeaScale

“The honest, raw feedback we got through TryMyUI helped us set aside our biases and prioritize our roadmap based on what our customers really wanted.”

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