Dmail Webapp Test - August BY: Jonathan D.


What was the worst thing about your experience?

No saving of draft emails was devastating for me, spending ages writing out an email to not have it autosaved, any ability to save, or even a confirmation dialogue that it's about to be lost!! Would cause untold frustration and likely want to not return to this service!!

What other aspects of the experience could be improved?

1. Text labels when hovering over icons
2. Forwarding option for emails
3. Ability to enable message threads
4. Ability to delete emails
5. Ability to flag emails
6. Ability to create message folders
7. Ability to tag emails such as work, personal
8. Ability to export, or print, or save as PDF for a message
9. Image thumbnail preview when attaching at image
10. FAQs or ability to replay the tutorial after closing
11. Pop-up dialogues close too quickly or should not autoclose when clicked
12. MUST have undo/redo option for editing of email body text
13. Autosave toggle option for email creation

What did you like about the website?

I like the 3 tier column format that makes navigation across them really intutiive and familiar

The tutorials are FANTASTIC, some of the BEST I've ever seen (don't say things like this often or lightly), especially the radial button pulsing at me to re-open when I clicked off, great, as tutorials often close and then no idea how to re-open

Good formatting options for the text in email body

What other comments do you have for the owner of the website?

I really like the general design, one of the best I have seen, really intutive colour scheme and layout, felt very comfortable to navigate, really nice aesthetic feel, was using subtle but effective use of colour that made it comfortable but with a professional feel!

Thank you! :)

About Jonathan David :

Gender Male
Age 31
Country Great britain
Income US$50,000-89,999
Education College / University
Employment type Working at a large company (1,000 or more employees)
Employment status Employed
Family status Single
Children status Without children
Community type Suburban
Social networks usage Several times a day
Postal code AL7 1FW
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