Human Touch Marketing and Why Usability Matters

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Human-centric AI or human touch marketing is a significant advancement to provide necessary human connection. But why is human connection meaningful in digital marketing? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are in the right place.

When a customer visits a physical store, they purchase items from retailers, whom they might not see again. But, when the customer purchases products online from their home, they might visit multiple times. You can say that your online store functions as a door-to-door service. Therefore, it would be easy to understand that online buyers crave human contact when they interact with your website. Failing to offer transparent, friendly, and efficient service might result in a loss of customers. However, in this article, we will understand how human touch marketing and usability are essential components for an enhanced user experience.


What is Human Touch Marketing?

Human touch marketing is a vast and new concept in the field of marketing. That’s why different marketers visualize and explain it in different ways. Considering the benefits of this approach, we can say that all these definitions are correct. According to us, human touch marketing is a broad technique that helps in providing enhanced usability to the audience. But, if you consider the five-minute customer service in human touch marketing, then you are mistaken. Let’s understand how human touch marketing helps improve usability and engage customers:


1.      Building Authentic Relationship

An authentic relationship is a most invaluable, indefinable, and unquantifiable element of the business. While users are on your website, they are visualizing the design, navigation, and other components of your site. But, the most important element that can change the perspective of your audience is emotion. When you want a profitable relationship with your potential customers, you need to offer them value. To cultivate an authentic relationship with your users, you need to interact with your customers and show them that you care.


2.      Using Technology with Human Touch

Human touch marketing is part intimacy and part technology. When you integrate both of these components with your business infrastructure, you can build trust among your audience. For instance, some chatbots communicate with the audience and keep them interacted. But, these bots sound more robotic and boring. However, when you keep updating the communication based on the feedback and customer responses, you can insert human touchpoints.


3.      Offering After Purchase Customer Service

Business relation with the customer doesn’t end when they purchase a product from your business. Therefore, you need to focus on after-purchase services. The goal should be to create a long-term relationship, so the customer should visit your website again. Therefore, make customer connection comfortable, seamless, and easier as possible. You can do that by integrating human touch marketing and strengthening your post-purchase customer engagement.



Humanization is the important element to successfully engage with your customers. It gives you a competitive advantage in the market, and your audience can connect emotionally. Therefore, integrating human touch marketing with your business improves usability and positively impacts your business growth.


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