How to Convert More Sales Through Remote Moderated Testing?

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Ecommerce websites can increase their conversion rate and sales by conducting remote moderated testing. This testing procedure enables you to communicate with your candidates during the test. Moderated testing also helps improve the results and generate accurate insights. Using the results, you can modify your website according user preferences. Here are some ways to increase sales using remote moderated testing:


1.      Improved User Experience

Moderated testing tends to support designers and developers for a good reason. It enables you to enhance your user experience. UX includes the overall experience of your users as they use your product. It doesn’t matter if you have software, web or mobile application, or an eCommerce website, you can improve your user experience and generate more sales. The role of moderated user testing is astonishing when it comes to improving user experience. This testing process can generate numerous ideas to improve the performance and features of your website. Moderated testing can include anything such as visible CTA, color, and style of the website, product arrangement, and typeface. By creating a user-friendly eCommerce website, you can lead the users to check out quickly.


2.      Cost Reduction and Repetitive Sales

Improving user experience you can attract your customers and potential customers to purchase from your website. Besides enhancing user experience, moderated testing can also help you understand customer preferences. When you communicate with your participants while conducting the test, you can find out where your website is lacking. By implementing the changes, you can increase repetitive sales and lower your marketing cost. Loyal customers will perform marketing for your business as they will divert their friends and family to your website.


3.      Boost Your Bottom Line

Another benefit of moderated testing involves the pain point of your customers. By interacting with participants of your usability testing, you can find challenges faced by your customers. These insights will allow you to increase your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate. For instance, by communicating with the candidate you can find why your customer abandons carts. Maybe, you are missing the popular payment option that most audiences are expecting. With moderated testing, you can find the reason for lower conversion rates. Considering those insights, you can modify your website and boost your sales.


4.      Increase Your Website Accessibility

Moderated testing will help you identify the ways you can make your website more accessible. Keep in mind that different types of audiences use your websites such as the older generation and less technological literate. Furthermore, your website may also engage a diversified audience. If you fail to identify the problems they face, you are missing out wide-ranging of potential customers. The best way to understand these audiences is through remote moderated testing. Using this testing method, you can know your audience and the challenges they face. When your website has great accessibility, your potential customers will purchase desired products making it a win-win situation.



Remote moderated testing is the best way to boost worldwide sales. It enables you to understand your targeted audience on the next level and change your website based on your findings.


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