Thoughts on listening to users

How to Talk to Your Users

We met Diane Loviglio, a user experience researcher at Mozilla, at a recent SF  Bay Area meetup, and she shared some insights on the traditional Recruit-Observe-Interview-Navigate user testing process. 1. Recruit your target audience.  Diane suggests not talking to just anyone or everyone.  Instead, recruit people based on “behaviors” or “personas” versus standard demographics.  For example, if you target “homeowners” versus “married couples in their 30s”, you’re likely to gain.. Read More

Customer Spotlight: and DIY User Testing develops cool tools for browsers that personalize and improve the user experience. The first tool available helps saves time while searching by providing logos of familiar sites and brands within the Google search results. Ido Sever — Woolik’s co-founder, CEO and product manager — has been incorporating TryMyUI as part of Woolik’s R&D cycle. Woolik just released a beta version of its Web 2.0 site, so we asked Ido.. Read More

Tips On Writing Usability Tests When You Need Them

Previously, we wrote about some tips on how to write a good usability test on this blog.  We have now incorporated some of those tips into a tips page that you can access whenever you are creating a new usability test or editing one you have previously created, on the upper right hand corner of the window: When you click on this link, an overlay window is displayed showing the.. Read More

Tips for writing a usability test

To date at TryMyUi we have  reviewed many thousands of usability test videos based upon tests created by our customers so we’ve learned what types of questions and tasks elicit good test results.  Writing a good usability test is not something that is intuitive, but with a bit of thought and planning, it’s easy to accomplish.  The first question is: what are you trying to learn? Nominally, there are two.. Read More

Remedies for “Oops – I made a mistake in setting up my use test”

We added a couple of features recently to handle the oops case.  This happens when you set up a use test, send it out to testers, and then realize that you had made a mistake.  Previously, once a test had been commissioned, it was like a letterin the mailbox – it was in the system and no longer changeable.  Having received many requests from customers to change this, we now have.. Read More

Don’t count on people to read instructions

While user testing on trymyui is easy,  it’s even easier for us to test our own design because each test that comes back reflects whether we’ve done a good job with how we display our instructions.  In a trymyui test, the test creator establishes a “frame-of-mind” for the tester, such as, “Imagine you’re going on a trip to italy with your family of 6.  Use this website to find accommodations”… Read More

Impression Testing

15-second impression testing

Update: Read our latest article on impression testing from June 2016 The five-second test (clueapp, fivesecondtest) is a very simple method for capturing a user’s first impressions about the website.  We did a few experiments with this test on various websites (some ours, some not).  In our experiments, five seconds was really not much time to register a value proposition – it was just enough for the brain to register.. Read More

Create High-Fidelity Wireframes for UX Testing with Justinmind

Last month, we announced a new feature in TryMyUI that optimizes user feedback for prototypes and wireframes.  Wireframes traditionally lack many of the design and visual elements that real people outside your project team rely on to make sense of a website or application.  This poses a special challenge when it comes to usability testing on wireframes.  If users have the wrong expectations during usability testing, they may be confused.. Read More

5 Tips on Designing a Better Event Website

Cass Phillipps is a Bay Area event organizer extraordinaire.  If you’re a start-up or entrepreneur, you’ve likely attended an event where she was the behind-the-scene force to make it all come together:  FailCon, SF MusicTech Summit, Inside Social Apps to name a few.    One of the reasons why Cass is so good is because she is constantly testing her own assumptions about how things work and figuring out if there’s.. Read More

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