Thoughts on listening to users

Impression Testing

15-second impression testing

Update: Read our latest article on impression testing from June 2016 The five-second test (clueapp, fivesecondtest) is a very simple method for capturing a user’s first impressions about the website.  We did a few experiments with this test on various websites (some ours, some not).  In our experiments, five seconds was really not much time to register a value proposition – it was just enough for the brain to register.. Read More

Compelled Shopping Test

At Bolt Peter’s User Research Friday conference today Jared Spool talked about a test I had never heard of before. He called it the Compelled Shopping Test. When I first heard the premise I must admit it made absolutely no sense to me! Here is how it works… You recruit test users for testing a shopping site who are carefully screened to really and truly be in need of buying.. Read More

What leads to Why

Earlier we wrote about the difference between quantitative usability measurements, which answer the question: What are users doing? and qualitative measurements (for example, as provided by TryMyUi), which answer Why are they doing what they are doing? In this article Jeff Sauro provides a good example.

3 facets defining the user experience

At TryMyUI we review a lot of user testing videos. In these narrated videos the tester verbalizes her thoughts as she performs the tasks in the usability test. In this free-form mode, we are actually getting information that points to 3 characteristics that affect the user experience.

More on the ideal user

When most people think of performing usability testing, they think of using novices to see if the website is apparent to someone with very little experience. However, having now reviewed several hundred user tests done by both novice and experienced internet users, we’ve realized that both yield interesting information. The novice user is interesting because they don’t have a predictable model in their minds, so it’s illuminating to see how.. Read More

Looking for the ideal usability tester…

Let’s assume we’re about to embark on a user experience study and want to solicit the opinions of a handful of users, be it for a moderated or unmoderated study. How should we decide what users to pick and listen to? Would any person off the street work, or are there key criteria we should pay attention to?

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