Thoughts on listening to users

Seeking standardization in UX Feedback: The System Usability Scale

Usability testing fills a critical need in understanding users’ responses to your website’s UX, but the inherent subjectiveness of the video/audio feedback format means that it can be difficult to distill meaning from a large number of responses. Your testers are writing you a novel with their words – the plot is no secret, but what’s their underlying theme? Fortunately, a tool already exists to consolidate and synthesize individual testers’.. Read More

And we’re back!

TryMyUI is proud to announce that we have been acquired by Survey Analytics, a leader in survey technology that boasts 360 research technologies to provide qualitative and quantitative data to help companies “Get The User’s View”. Notable clients of Survey Analytics include Motorola, McGraw Hill, CareerBuilder and agencies of the U.S. Government such as the FCC, CDC and GSA. Now with TryMyUI on board, companies have the opportunity at getting profound insights into the real-time User Experience of their target customers through a video that has voiced opinions as they complete a series of tasks.

TryMyUI and OpenHallway give away $140,000 of usability testing in sponsorship if UXLX conference

The remote user testing services TryMyUI and OpenHallway are sponsoring the UX-LX conference and are giving away $140,000 worth of remote usability testing to approximately 500 conference attendees. OpenHallway is donating 1 year of service valued at $228 and TryMyUI is giving away two remote user tests valued at $50 for each attendee. Attendees can claim their free user testing services here.

TryMyUI and OpenHallway are proud to sponsor UX-LX in Lisbon this summer

If you interested in usability and can make it to Lisbon this summer we highly recommend you attend the phenomenal UX-LX three day usability conference. This conference has something for everyone in the user experience field. The event will feature workshops in three tracks: Research, Design, and Strategy; as well as talks by such experts as Don Norman, Louis Rosenfeld and Jeffrey Veen. You can check out the full line.. Read More

Compelled Shopping Test

At Bolt Peter’s User Research Friday conference today Jared Spool talked about a test I had never heard of before. He called it the Compelled Shopping Test. When I first heard the premise I must admit it made absolutely no sense to me! Here is how it works… You recruit test users for testing a shopping site who are carefully screened to really and truly be in need of buying.. Read More

Dana Chisnell at B|P User Research Friday – Research in a Social Context

Usability Testing in a Social Context Dana Chisnell gave a great talk today at Bolt Peters User Research Friday. Her observation was that almost all activities on the web occur in a social context that spills out far beyond the particular product being tested. Studies that don’t account for the social context are broken Dana put together a study for a financial company that was providing retirement planning for users… Read More

Jared Spool Keynote at B|P User Research Friday

Jared Spool is acting as master of ceremonies this morning at Bolt Peter’s User Research Friday. Here is a summary of the talk… Four Stories about Five Studies Jared’s talk was in the form of 4 real stories of user research for customers. 1) Abandonment This case was about a company that had a problem at the last step of the purchase process. OBSERVATION: 65% abandonment after entering credit card.. Read More

Great interview with Jeff Atwood of StackOverflow on building community.

I came across an old but very good interview by Scott Hanselman with Jeff Atwood of StackOverflow. StackOverflow is trying to replicate its tremendously successful curated Q&A model into topics other than programming. They raised venture funding and created StackExchange which is essentially a birthing ground for StackOverflows for various topics. Scott gave an example of his father who likes to make and hunt with hand made bows. He asked.. Read More

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