Thoughts on listening to users

Karan Saggi

Karan Saggi serves as the Director of Educational Partnerships at TryMyUI, where he builds engagement between higher education and the UX industry. He writes about leadership, Industrial-organizational psychology, and nonprofits. Karan holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Leadership Studies from Claremont McKenna College. Visit his bibliography at

Opportunities for UX/design students

Educational partnerships have much potential to bridge higher education and the UX industry. To that mission, TryMyUI's EDU Program is launching two year-round opportunities for students of design and web development: UX Representatives (UXrep) & Contributors…

Higher ed and UX industry partnership: The EDU program

Hands-on learning is invaluable in the technology industry. In the world of UX design and web development, students have much to learn from industry experts.

TryMyUI's EDU Program supplements UX and design classes with research support, training, and access to industry experts. An educational partnership promises access to TryMyUI webinars, workshops, facetime with UX experts, and connections to TryMyUI partners in the tech industry.

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