Thoughts on listening to users

How to Talk to Your Users

We met Diane Loviglio, a user experience researcher at Mozilla, at a recent SF  Bay Area meetup, and she shared some insights on the traditional Recruit-Observe-Interview-Navigate user testing process. 1. Recruit your target audience.  Diane suggests not talking to just anyone or everyone.  Instead, recruit people based on “behaviors” or “personas” versus standard demographics.  For example, if you target “homeowners” versus “married couples in their 30s”, you’re likely to gain.. Read More

Customer Spotlight: and DIY User Testing develops cool tools for browsers that personalize and improve the user experience. The first tool available helps saves time while searching by providing logos of familiar sites and brands within the Google search results. Ido Sever — Woolik’s co-founder, CEO and product manager — has been incorporating TryMyUI as part of Woolik’s R&D cycle. Woolik just released a beta version of its Web 2.0 site, so we asked Ido.. Read More

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