Finally! We’ve developed a lot of sites in the past few years (e.g. Bustameal, IphoneLinkpad, Pogocast, etc.), but I’m still mentally unprepared for the truism that when you think you’re 95% done, you’re really only 50% done. That little bit that differentiates almost done from done just doesn’t seem to end.

We’d been in alpha testing for several months when we decided to redesign the look & feel and make some improvements in response to our alpha testers. It really didn’t seem like much at the time. Anyway, we’re now live and just used TryMyUI to get more feedback about some of our other sites, and it’s actually pretty good.


What is TryMyUI?

TryMyUI helps you, the website owner/creator/designer, get user feedback in the form of narrated video. That is, you sign up, provide the URL, the user demographics you care about, the set of tasks you want users to try on the site, and questions you want them to answer, and then wait for the results. We send these out to our pool of vetted users who fit the demographics and notify you when the results are in.

Try out the service (the first test is on us), and let us know what you think.