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Using Kanban to improve software testing

Using Kanban to Improve Software Testing

If you are not using the Kanban method to manage your work, it can be difficult to keep track of what projects are at which stages, and what and when you should be testing. Kanban is a simple, visual way to manage the workflow of your projects. Read to learn how Kanban methodology can help your company improve its software testing process.

What is moderated usability testing? Definition and guide

What is Moderated Usability Testing? Definition and Guide.

Image source (Fresco)   Usability testing is one of the best ways to ensure your users are having a positive experience every time they use your product. Conducting these tests, however, can come with some serious questions. The first key question that needs to be answered is, should I conduct a moderated usability test or an unmoderated usability test? While each has its advantages, in this article we will focus.. Read More

Your Guide for Result-Driven Moderated Testing

Your Guide for Result-Driven Moderated Testing

Image source: Pexels   Every software, website, app, or other product designer or developer wishes to deliver the best services and user experience. Web and mobile developers want to produce the most helpful services in order for their customers to gain the most meaningful benefits.   However, how can you make that happen when your product is new? Well, moderated usability testing is the methods to assess the usability, accessibility,.. Read More

How to Set Goals for Moderated Testing

How to Set Goals for Moderated Testing

image Source: Flickr   Moderated testing is the go-to approach for collecting qualitative feedback from test participants who perform specific tasks to check the usability of a product. It offers the answer to “why did the user interact with a product in a particular way?   Moderated testing aims to improve the user experience by identifying potential problems and errors that may affect user experience to a great extent. However,.. Read More

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