Mobile User Testing

As web users migrate to mobile devices, it’s crucial to provide seamless, user-friendly experiences across platforms. The demands placed on mobile websites and apps are unique and new: screen “real estate” is extremely limited, navigation relies on gestures instead of mouse clicks, and users’ concerns and objectives can be wildly different.

TryMyUI's mobile user testing solution makes it easy to…

  • See how users are experiencing your application from their phone or tablet
  • Hear actionable, specific tips and insights from users in your target demographic
  • Maximize your app’s retention rate with intuitive, user-friendly design

Our solution provides mobile user testing the way it was always meant to be: lightweight and flexible, fully contained by native mobile technologies. There’s no external camera or other hardware, and the only visible software during the test is our little green “UI” bubble.

The end result is a genuine, unencumbered mobile experience, captured in high quality video and complete with every user gesture. Taps, swipes, pinches, and any screen interaction is shown with precise detail in the video results.

TryMyUI mobile user testing features

Mobile user testing works just like desktop testing with TryMyUI: just set up your test, pick the platform, and get your tests in a matter of hours.

How it works: The TryMyUI tester app

Our testers record their mobile experiences with the TryMyUI tester app, our answer to the challenges of mobile user testing.

Many efforts have been made to adapt user testing methods to mobile interfaces. Often, they have relied on external cameras, a solution that is costly as well as logistically complex, and is easily foiled by screen smudges or hands that get in the way.

We knew that a proper mobile solution would necessarily rely on screen capture, but on mobile devices, screen capture without taps and swipes is as useless as desktop video without the cursor. Gestures are the backbone of the mobile user experience.

That’s why we built an app that would capture not just the screen, but the interactions between the user and their device as well.

TryMyUI Mobile

The real user journey is replicated as closely as possible, with practically no interruption. When the tester is finished with all the tasks, he or she finishes recording their test and uploads the completed video.


The TryMyUI app works for testing mobile websites and native apps on Android, plus mobile websites on iOS. To get around Apple’s restrictions on apps recording other apps, we built a Software Development Kit that you can add into your own app’s code to enable all of our UX research functionalities.

Testing with TryMyUI

When testers open your app, they’ll be able to record their user experience, with video, audio, and tap and swipe indicators, using the TryMyUI testing tools built into your own app. The TryMyUI iOS SDK is the only solution for getting full and complete UX feedback for native apps on iOS.

Download the SDK (v2.0).

Install instructions.

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Why user testing?

It works! User testing is cost-effective to perform and, when you do it early and often, it can save you months of web development effort and thousands of dollars in expenses.

Your Web developers and graphic designers, while immensely talented, aren’t like the people you’re trying to reach with your website. They think differently and speak with an entirely different vocabulary. Designing sites that make sense to your “code warriors” generally produces a site that is not understandable or usable for your audience.

It takes only 5 users to uncover 80 percent of high-level usability problems on your website, according to Jakob Nielsen, the author of Usability Engineering.

So why wait? Start making your product more usable today with a free trial