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UX feedback that helps you learn from your competitors

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Your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it operates amid a vast web of competitors and distractors that not only vie for users’ business but also furnish every web user with a host of pre-instilled habits and expectations. To survive on the web, it’s not enough just to keep being better than the old you: you need to be better than the current them.

7 Simple Tips for a Better Website User Interface!

7 steps for a better UI This interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from (they provide coverage content on innovative training games and much more). Also, be sure to check out their Tech Conference Calendar. TryMyUI founder and product manager Ritvij Gautam shared seven tips for a successful website with TechnologyAdvice host Clark Buckner. In 2014, TryMyUI was acquired by Survey Analytics, a Seattle-based software company that offers multi-platform market research solutions.. Read More

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