Thoughts on listening to users

Usability testing prototypes with Balsamiq & TryMyUI


Usability testing is not something to be tacked on at the end of a project to validate a design; it should be a constant part of the process, informing design choices at every step. TryMyUI and Balsamiq are now partnering to offer 5 free usability tests for anyone to test out their Balsamiq prototype.

#ourUXflow Webinar: Q&A

Collaborative, Iterative banner with companies

On July 23, TryMyUI hosted a webinar to talk about how to reach team synchronicity in an iterative UX design process. Ritvij Gautam, CEO of TryMyUI, joined by Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, UX Researcher of Facebook, shared insights on iterative UX and how to create an efficient team workflow. Here is a recap of the Q&A from the webinar.

Collaborative UX Webinar: Q&A

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On June 25, we hosted a webinar with TryMyUI’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ritvij Gautam, on collaborative UX workflows. Ritvij discussed the challenges common on UX teams and ways to achieve synchronicity through collaborative analysis. Here’s a recap of the live Q&A segment from the webinar.

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